As a service to our clients we do offer lodging.

The dogs and cats will stay in our homes, not in a kennel.

Space is limited. Reserve your room well in advance so your dog can join the fun.

For your pet's protection all boarding animals must have current vaccination.  
  Doctor Flavio Citron
provides veterinary care and education to animals and their families on Neve Yam, Rishon Le Tzyion in private practice as well as in association with "Rishon Ohevet Haiot".
In addition to his private practice Dr. Flavio gives low cost care to stray animals and helps place them in homes.
Since his arrival, Dr.Flavio has given medical treatment to countless animals in Rishon, often out of his own pocket.
Dr. Flavio Citron is a graduate of The University of Veterinary Medicine at Cluj, Romania. He has 20 years of animal care experience.
Dr. Flavio is a caring and competent veterinarian.
"A litlle note about my veterinary life:
You might incorectly think that I work short hours based on the appoinment hours posted above. Guess what? My tipical work week is about 70 hours. Not counting emergencies and being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the problems of being in a solo practice."
If you need me to come to your home, I'll be glad to do so as long as we can arrange it for a convenient time.
It's interesting, the different types of requests I get concerning house calls. There are the people who want to euthanize their old pet friend in the dignity and quiet of their own home. And then there are people with so many pets, it's easier to do a sort of mass vaccination and deworming visit at home instead of getting them all to the clinic. No problem with any of these reasons.
  Some people, though, want a housecall...usually right away...because their pet is too dirty to put in their car, or is too viscious for the caller to handle. Hoo Boy!
At any rote, I'll be glad to make a housecall if appropriate and needed, but understand that for sick or injured pets I need to get them to the clinic where I have the staff, facilities, medication and equipment to treat them properly.   
House calls cost 150-250 shekels depending on time and distance.
If you have a badly injured or sick pet during office hours, try first to make sure I'm not out. It also helps us to get ready. The number is 03-9616961.         
After hours and Holidays, phone me at my mobile 0505-378554 I'll answer the phone and will be glad to help you.
But please... don't abuse this service. Don't call me at about routine or minor problems.                              

For pets that you find injured but aren't yours: I'll be glad to help and at least give first aid to make the animal more comfortable, but this is not a free service. It's not at all a lack of compation on my part, but unfortunately because this is a very common request and keeping a veterinary clinic operating is expensive.
Such cases are, however, heavly discounted...but think about it, on a badly injured animal found on the road, we'll easily use 200 shekels of IV fluids, medication, anesthesia, and surgical supplies just to give the creature a decent chance of recovery. 
In the clinic there is an equipped consultation room, managed by the vet.
The room is equipped with a stainless steel table, a desk, a library, bookcases, refrigerator, a computer with Internet connection.
Of course, hot water, antiseptic soap, paper and all the material of a consultation, such as otoscop, ophtalmoscop, negatoscop, reader of microChips and other typical instruments.
Waitnig room
In order to make your stay more pleasant, this room counts chairs for clients, plants, panels with numerous titles and photos, exhibitors, etc.  There is also music, cable TV and coffee corner.
High and feeding ranges.                          Maintenence specialized diets.                       Specialized diets for illnesses purposes.            Shampoo and products against parasites.  

An independent room, with forced ventilation and conditioned air.
The cages are equiped with a false bottom which isolates the animal of possible   humidities and facilitates its total disinfection.
It has a technical equipment to face all the specialities, such as: table of hydraulic surgery, lamp of operating room with rollerale foot, anesthesia equipment with accesories, etc.;
The room is also equiped with dental cleaner by ultrasound, sterilizer with biological certification according to international norms and all material and instruments of surgery, in addition to water, paper, antiseptics...
Ketty has joined the Neve Yam Veterinary Clinic on summer 2003. She is a Veterinary Medicine Student,  breeder of special Siberian Cats and very active in the Cat breeders Club. She is doing most of the boarding program of the clinic.
Her pets are 2 Siberian cats and a Golden retriever dog.
We request a deposit when treatment begins and payment in full at the time of discharge.
We accept cash, Visa, Master card, Isracard,etc., and personal cheks.
TELEPHONE 03-9616961        EMERGENCY  0505-378554
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Hospitalization zone
Hospitalization zone
Hospitalization zone
Hospitalization zone
Hospitalization zone
Veterinary Assistent - Ketty
Veterinary Assistent - Ketty
Ambulance service
Services provided:

1.Bath against parazites           2.Dermatologic baths
3.Dry clean for puppies
4.Contest hair cut
5.Scisors hair cut
7.Nails cut
8.All breeds        
At Neve Yam Veterinary Clinic, we have on staff a profesional groomer who works with all breeds. Our clippers have an external drive wich minimizes heat while your dog is being clipped, enhancing comfort for your pet. We have a cage dryer which the dogs prefer and it does a superior job when compared to alternative drying methods.

  For the aggresive or very fractions patient, or in instances where excesive dermatting may be painful for the pet being groomed, we are able to have the groomer work on the animal while it is under general anesthetic.

  Our groomer is happy to try to accomodate special requests for individual pets. Dogs normally arrive at 16.00 and leave later in the evening. Special arrangements however, can be made to suit your shedule.
Certain times of the year, especially spring and Pessach, are very busy for grooming. 

Please make arrangements well in advance during these times to ensure an appointment.     
         We meet the international standards for service and facilities.
The standards requires that we:                          
1. Maintain order and complete medical records for each       patient, we see
2. Maintain on-site pharmacy                              3. Utilize proper anesthetic procidures including a pre-      anesthetic examination and safe, painless, anesthesia.  4. Maintain surgical facilities
5. Maintain diagnostic facility
6. Provide nursing care to our patiens
7. Mantain a safe and sanitery facility, including the        outside premises.
8. Provide dental servicies.
9. Provide 24-hours emergency service
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Ambulance service
Dr. Citron
Dr. Citron
Waitnig room
Waitnig room
Waitnig room
Ketty Mazyar
Surgery room
Surgery room
Surgery room
Surgery room
Surgery room
Surgery room